Be Well 2/5 reminder

The Be Well program celebrates its one year anniversary this month, and Progressive Health thanks everyone who has participated in the program and contributed ideas, time, and resources.

This month’s class topic of discussion is supplements. The supplement industry is a big business, profiting more than $37 billion annually. And, it is highly unregulated. Dr. Donohue will review the science about supplements to help you navigate which may be worthwhile for you to invest and which may simply result in expensive urine.

As a celebration treat, there will be a healthy ice cream bar! Karen will whip up some delicious strawberry banana ice cream for you to top with a variety of plant-based fixings.

Class is Tuesday, February 5th from 6:00 - 7:30 pm at the First Unitarian Church of Delaware (730 Halstead Rd.). As always, there will be time for participants to share successes and challenges and help each other problem solve. Class is held in the Parish Hall, which is just beyond the main church entrance. Parking is available in the lot on Whitby Drive directly across from the main church entrance.

The cost of a Be Well 12-month membership is $100. Your insurance will be charged for each class you attend. You will not be billed or charged a copay or deductible.

BE WELLKaren Smith