Most people are missing the biggest win-win of their lives — especially doctors.

What the planet needs, what its creatures need, what your body needs, what your loved ones need, and what patients need, it is all aligned.  

By switching our nutrition to a whole foods, plant based diet, you can reverse and prevent disease in your own body. People who eat this way are the longest lived in the world. We have seen it has the power to reverse diabetes and heart disease. These are conditions still to this day thought to be irreversible by standard medicine.

Most people are unaware that animal agriculture accounts for more carbon emissions than all of transportation. We have 1 billion people starving in the world, and we have plenty of food to feed them, but we instead feed that food to animals so we can grow meat or dairy or eggs. Name an environmental issue, and animal agriculture is a chief or #1 contributor. From topsoil degradation to ocean devastation to carbon emissions, the world’s 60 billion livestock are exerting a toll the planet cannot carry. It takes 2500 - 5000 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. Nuff said.

For doctors and healthcare providers, there is an extra BIG win in going with a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.  It benefits your patients.  By eating this way, we are a positive role model to our loved ones and our patients. Research shows that just as smoking doctors are useless at counseling smokers to quit, meat eating doctors are ineffective at getting their patients to eat healthy.  Switch to a healthy plant-based diet and you benefit your own health, your loved ones, and also your patients!



BE WELLDavid Donohue