Be Well 10/2 Yoga

The monthly Be Well program held October 2 included a discussion on common questions people have about a vegan diet. If you are making changes to your diet and including more plants on your plate, you may have been asked by others, “Where do you get protein?” or “Don’t you need lots of supplements if you don’t eat meat?” You can view the questions and answers we covered in class here: Slides from Be Well 10/2 program.

Two tofu dishes were shared in class, a raspberry chocolate mousse and a tofu taco scramble, and you can access the recipes here: tofu recipes.

Gregg Crabill, registered yoga teacher, shared his inspiring story about how yoga has transformed his health and quality of life, and he led the group through a series of mindful movements. Gregg teaches at Empowered Yoga, and encouraged everyone to check out a class at one of the 3 local studios.

Next month’s class will be on Tuesday, November 13.

BE WELLKaren Smith