Be Well 8/7 - Fasting

If you missed the monthly Be Well class for August, here is a recap...

Dr. Tailor gave an excellent presentation about fasting and explained the research on this trendy topic. The conclusions were:

  1. There are different types of fasts, many of which show no clinical benefits.
  2. Fasting for 12 hours by not eating after 8 pm or before 8 am may promote weight loss and is generally a safe and easy approach.
  3. More research is needed to better understand the effects of the fasting mimicking diet.

You can learn more about Dr. Valter Longo's Longevity Diet and research in fasting by listening to his interview on the Plant Yourself podcast or in his book, "The Longevity Diet."

Dr. Tailor prepared sweet potato toast, and there were a selection of toppings (black beans, pico de gallo, almond butter, cinnamon, chopped banana, diced mango, chopped pineapple) for everyone to create their own toast. 

Dr. Donohue's results from trying the Prolon, 5-day fasting mimicking diet are below. In his words, "So what does $200 and 5 days of social isolation get you?"



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