Voted Best Medical Group in the Philadelphia Region

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Progressive Health of Delaware is proud to have won the voting for Best Medical Group in the entire Philadelphia region!

Why did we win?  My guess it's because:

  1. We have a highly professional and competent staff, who continuously strive to improve our ability to meet your health needs.
  2. We have an incredibly competent group of providers, who spend an average of 30 minutes with each patient, seeking to address every problem every visit.
  3. We place a far greater emphasis on true prevention than most of our healthcare system.
  4. We are the only lifestyle medicine practice.  That is, we place a huge focus on preventing, treating, and reversing the underlying cause of our most expensive chronic diseases (diabetes, dementia, heart disease, ...) by helping people lead healthier lives.

Not a patient?  We are accepting new patients.  You can call for an appointment: 302-543-5454

PHODDavid Donohue