20 Secret Insights to Reverse Your Diabetes

In our Cure Diabetes program, we teach that type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are reversible, and we help people make it happen.  

How is it we could help people achieve this feat, that most of the medical establishment still believe is impossible?  Because we have learned 20 secret insights.  Here they are (but don't tell anybody!)

Conventional Medical Wisdom Lifestyle Medicine Wisdom
Diabetes is a chronic disease that can only be managed. Type 2 diabetes is curable in most cases.
The answer to type 2 diabetes is more drugs that lower blood glucose. Most diabetes drugs fail to fix the underlying problem, and they can even be dangerous.
Counseling for healthy lifestyle may be first line of treatment for diabetes. But not my job. So, counseling for healthy lifestyle is our primary job.
Bariatric surgery is the only treatment that can reverse type 2 diabetes. A healthy lifestyle can reverse diabetes.
Lifestyle changes do not give real results. With a high dose of Healthy Lifestyle, most of you could be diabetes free in just weeks.
Patients will never change their lifestyle. When presented with the science and the know-how, patients really do make big changes.
Healthy lifestyle changes are painful. They are only worth it to the few who are motivated. Healthy Lifestyle changes are transformative. They can be the biggest win-win-win of your life.
When counseling lifestyle, it is best to recommend moderation, because patients will not make big changes. Ask for moderate changes, get moderate results. Ask for big changes, get big results.
To control your diabetes, you need to spend time at the lab and at the pharmacy. To cure your diabetes, you need to spend time exercising and at the produce aisle.
Diabetes is your genetic fate. Regardless of your genes, you have control over whether you will get diabetes or reverse it.
Your doctor & drugs control your diabetes. You & your lifestyle choices control your diabetes.
Diet: paleo. More protein less carbs. Diet: whole plant foods. More fiber less fat.
Portion control: eat the same stuff only less. Low calorie density: eat unlimited amounts of whole plant food.
Breakfast: eggs & Greek yogurt Breakfast: oats & berries
Lunch: chicken & salad Lunch: salad & beans
Dinner: fish and vegetables Dinner: beans, grains, veggies
Snack: beef jerky & nuts Snack: fruit & nuts
People need to eat meat, dairy, and eggs to survive. Meat, dairy, and eggs are actually counterproductive to our health.
So any environmental consequences are unfortunate but necessary. So switching to plant based nutrition is the biggest win-win-win of your life.