Announcing the BE WELL Monthly Program for Disease Reversal


We have a new monthly program BE WELL, designed to 

  • Reverse diseases - like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, fatigue, pain, sleep apnea, gout, PCOS, fatty liver, vascular disease, depression, anxiety, ...
  • Improve "irreversible" diseases like COPD/emphysema, kidney disease
  • Reduce drugs
  • Reduce medical costs in the long term
  • Extend lifespan - kind of a good thing
  • Improve wellbeing

We will employ the latest science to connect you to the changes that give the greatest impact. 

Be Well Program meets monthly in Wilmington, Delaware from 6-7:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month, starting February 6, 2018.

Call today to enroll!  302-543-5454

The long of it

For over a year we have run the Cure Diabetes Program, and we have been delighted to watch folks reverse and improve their diabetes.  One thing that Cure Diabetes graduates have requested is an ongoing way to check-in and continue learning the science and skills to keep them successful.

Many of our non-diabetic patients have asked for a way to reverse other diseases like hypertension, heart disease, gout, kidney disease, lung disease, liver disease, ...

So we will launch a new monthly program in 2018, called BE WELL!  

Each Meeting

Each monthly meeting, we will

  1. Measurements: blood pressure, hemoglobin A1c, body weight, waist circumference
  2. Check-in and introductions
  3. Set and review your goals
  4. Positive psychology
  5. Movement.  Get the blood flowing
  6. Science.  Review life-changing discoveries
  7. Food!  Preparation of delicious and simple meals


  • Join any time!
  • We will meet first Tuesday of each month, 6-7:30pm
  • at the First Unitarian Church of Wilmington in the first floor Youth Center.
  • Starting Tuesday, February 6.
  • There will be a fee of $100 to join for 12 monthly visits, or $500 to join for 12 monthly visits if you will not use health insurance
  • Bring a partner and they are half off.
  • If you make at least 11 of the 12 monthly visits, we will refund $100 (or $50 to your partner)
  • To sign up, call our office 302-463-4270
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