Be Well 1/8 Reaching a Healthy Weight

With the start of a new year, have you resolved to lose weight? If you have struggled or are currently struggling with losing weight, you are not alone. Why is it that in a world of seemingly endless ways to lose weight, 98 percent of people who shed unwanted pounds, do not sustain their new weight very long, and within 2 years have regained the weight they lost (and often more)?

At January’s monthly Be Well meeting, the science that explains Americans’ struggle with long-term weight loss will be revealed. The good news is there are habit changes people can make to promote success with reaching a healthy weight, and these, too, will be discussed.

It is recommended you complete the Food Freedom Quiz prior to class.

Class is Tuesday, January 8th from 6:00 - 7:30 pm at the First Unitarian Church of Delaware (730 Halstead Rd.). As always, there will be time for participants to share successes and challenges and help each other problem solve. Class is held in the Parish Hall, which is just beyond the main church entrance. Parking is available in the lot on Whitby Drive directly across from the main church entrance.

The cost of a Be Well 12-month membership is $100. Your insurance will be charged for each class you attend. You will not be billed or charged a copay or deductible.

BE WELLKaren Smith