BE WELL - Our Monthly Program to Reverse Disease

Be Well is for people who want to lose weight and lose medicines, for good!  

Our mission is to use the latest science to guide participants to completely reverse diseases and get off drugs

To participate in the Be Well program, you do not need to be a patient of our primary care practice.  Call 302.543.5454


Have you ever heard that most of our lifelong diseases like hypertension, prediabetes, high cholesterol, gout, ... are curable

Here’s how it works.


Join a Team

Learn from others who are also making this journey.  You are in this together! 


Meet Your Facilitator

Your facilitator is an expert in the art and science of nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. They will lead your team sessions, and do what it takes for you to be successful.


New Skills

At each of our monthly classes, we focus on giving you new skills that you can carry forward the rest of your life.


My Lifestyle 2.0

With the help of your facilitator, your team, and your doctor, we help you change your diet for good and lock in the lifestyle habits that will get results.


Exercise as You Are

We will teach you a series of super quick exercises that can give you large benefits in minimal time. No equipment needed!

The Team

David Donohue, MD FACP & Karen L. Smith, RD, who created the program, and who facilitate each session.

Kenitra Hunter and Kristine Crabill have offered much welcomed administrative support.


upcoming events

BE WELL Handouts


Why Does It Work?

  • We scour the nutrition research and find the best strategies provided by science.

  • We feed you those strategies in a digestible manner.

  • We help you learn the skills and tastes to lock in the tastes and preferences that will reverse your diabetes over time.

  • You start feeling better within days.

Please join now and transform your life! Call 302.543.5454